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create a vaccine compensation program for Canadians




Vaccines Gone Bad

We in Canada Must PRESS our govt leaders to Create a Vaccine Compensation Program For All Canadians NOW the WHO organization says a country is bound to protect and care for their citizens and 18 of the G29 group have done it and some from 1959. ONLY Russia and Canada DO NOT why??????

Vaccine interview C-FAX Ian Jessop

see see Focus Magazine Feb 2015,Issue P.16,17 on line Alan Cassels Autho

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Alan Cassels InterviewBobs Story

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Bob Martin

 Share If You Care Bob Martin GBS Survivor

Vaccination insurance

By Alan Cassels, February 2015

A Victoria resident spearheads a national vaccine compensation movement.

Bob Martin is the kind of guy who inspires people to action. Fit, energetic, with a wry smile, a spiky crewcut and sparkling eyes, Martin exudes so much energy you’d think this 77-year-old has never had a health problem in his life. You might have met him in the Oak Bay Rec Centre where he works as a personal trainer, easily passing for someone 20 years his junior. One thing you learn very quickly…

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An Easter Message from Melissa McCarthey as Sean Spicer the Easter Bunny

where is the Mcarthy video????

Maybe there will have to be a part two after SNL sees this:

I wonder which actor will get to play the part of the child with the socks?

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There’s an article circulating from the that I’d like to go over as I’ve seen it popping up a lot. I admit I was impressed by the article: It’s well-written, well-resourced, doesn’t call parents “ignorant” and doesn’t even mention Jenny McCarthy… That’s progress! However, when it comes to the facts, there are some things […]

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