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Please feel free to share an experience or send encouraging, inspiring or humorous words – post on this page (scroll to the bottom) or email me at . I would love to share your words with my dad during this very challenging time and support him through to recovery.

  1. Brian permalink

    My thoughts are with you and your family. I am wishing a full recovery your way!

  2. Chris Jones permalink

    Saturday, December 18, 2010 11:21 AM, PST

    I understand you are being cared for in ICU. My wishes and prayers for a speedy recovery are being sent every day. We became good friends some years ago and now that i am back at the gym, I really miss our conversations. Know that you are in my thoughts often. You get better soon, ya hear!.

    Chris Jones

  3. Joyce and John Haller permalink

    Sunday, December 19, 2010 12:07 PM, CST

    Hello Bob

    We send you our best wishes for a speedy recovery. We miss your sense of humour, encouragement and conversation in the gym, and think of you often. Please come back soon.

    Joyce and John Haller

  4. Paul Rothe permalink

    Sunday, December 19, 2010 4:13 PM, PST

    Hi, Bob!

    Ali, Marg and I (Paul) have been wanting to come in to see you, but apparently you’ve been swamped with well-wishers. Right now, Ali is in Colorado the Christmas with her family and the dog teams.

    It was such a shock to us that you had been flattened so badly–of all people! This is cheap way to not have to beat me in doing chin-ups…for while!

    Ali, Marg, and I both wish you the very best of healing progress as you tackle this challenge.

    If anyone can do it, you can!

    Paul Rothe

  5. Hersh Kline permalink

    Sunday, December 19, 2010 10:19 PM, PST

    Hi Bob and Anne,

    Since hearing your news, I have been thinking about you both, sending you wishes for a really speedy and full recovery!

    Hersh Kline

  6. Ken Wilson permalink

    Monday, December 20, 2010 9:05 AM, PST

    Hi Bob

    It was shock to hear the news. We miss you greatly at the Henderson Rec Centre. No one else can give us directions in quite the way that you could. We hope that you will begin to shake free from this terrible condition, and that you can again enjoy some of the pleasures of life, and the company of family and friends.

    Our thoughts and best wishes are with you

    Ken Wilson

  7. Paul Elworthy permalink

    Monday, December 20, 2010 2:04 PM, CST

    All the best during your continued recovery Bob – I miss you and your spirit at HPRC!

    4 now

    Paul Elworthy

  8. Joyce and John Haller permalink

    Monday, December 20, 2010 10:22 PM, CST

    Hi Bob

    John and I want to mention that your coaching and example have made a big difference in our approach to fitness and helped us challenge ourselves a little more. We are thankful for this venue to hear how you are, pleased you’re breathing on your own longer than at first and having some good days. So Bob, know that we believe in you and are anxious to offer encouragement and support to you and your family. We miss you.

    Joyce and John Haller

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  9. John Hewer permalink

    Tuesday, December 21, 2010 8:12 PM, PST


    Your constant efforts to help me with my problem have been such a great help to me. Get well soon. We all miss you and look forward to seeing you back with us.

    John Hewer

  10. Jim & Cynthia Smillie permalink

    Wednesday, December 22, 2010 11:15 PM, HKT

    Hi Bob,

    Its Jim & Cynthia here in sunny Hong Kong. Ann has kept us up to date with your progress and it really is fantastic to see that you are doing so well after a truly difficult time. Our prayers and our hearts go out to you and you better get well soon so I can whip your butt on the golf course!
    lots of love,

    Jim & Cynthia Smillie

  11. …I’m in the sand trap and still can’t get out! Keep on fighting…just like perserving on that slice shot of yours! Thinking of you.


  12. Hi Bobby, Ann, and Leslie,

    My love goes out to you, Bobby. The Milne’s are thinking about you and sending you good vibrations for a speedy recovery. We hope and pray you’ll be able to tell us your funny jokes, dance a jig, talk up a storm, smiles and make us laugh, hug us with your strong arms, tell us stories of Joey and Bill, and be with us soon.

    Much love,
    Marilyn xoxoxo

  13. Carol Milne permalink

    Hola My Dear Bobby!! I know you understand how many people you have in your life that love you. The amount of well wishers Anne tells me about is amazing. When you are surrounded by that much love it is a truly wonderful thing. Though I know you understand I am not reIigious, I do believe in the power of peoples love to heal and I really do believe this will help you. This is a true test for you but I know you will come through this even stronger than the old Bobby! It’s not going to be easy but it’s going to happen, slowly and deliberately with your strength and determination which we all know you have in leaps and bounds. You were always ahead of the pack in that way Bobby and you can lift yourself up again with your power within. Push hard enough to move forward and don’t let it beat you but don’t push too hard so you exhaust yourself. All this from your pushy cousin!! I was always good at telling others what to do. LOL!! My thoughts are surrounding you and I wish you a good recovery. I will take slow and steady or slow and uneven but a recovery non the less. love and hugs x0 Carol

  14. Shayne and Donna Jessop permalink

    Hi Bob: Donna and I just want you to know that our thoughts and prayers are with you and your family. We just know that you will fully recover and all will be OK!
    Peace, Love and Hugs,
    Shayne and Donna

  15. Doug permalink

    Bob, we here at Cordova Bay think about you daily, wishing you the best and looking forward to seeing you on the first tee again soon.

  16. chris jones permalink

    Saw the latest (Dec. 24) update. So glad to hear you are beginning to show signs of recovery. I can only hope and pray this is the beginning of road to complete wellness. You are greatly missed at Henderson and asked after by everyone. Know that you are in the hearts and minds of all of us who know you.

  17. Chris Paul permalink

    Bob I remember when you were learning to swim and you had to overcome your fear of the water. You hung on to the edge of the pool for a long time but I remember when you made it to the deep end. I was proud of you for sticking to it and not giving up. I know you have it in you to overcome and to compete as hard as anyone and you will get through this along with Anne and Leslie. I’ll come swimming with you when you feel up to it. Take care and keep at it.

  18. Nicole, Tim, Ben and Christopher permalink

    We are all sending our love and thoughts of positive steps in the direction of full recovery every minute, every day. In admiration of your accomplishments to date…xo.

  19. Bobby – May 2011 bring you lots of love and blessings. Much love from The Milne Sisters!! xoxoxo

  20. Peter Masterton permalink

    Hello Bob, It grieves me to hear about your plight. You are sorely missed at Henderson. I think about you every day and my thoughts will be with you as you take each step forward. Ann, my thoughts are also with you and your daughter.

    Bob, we want you to get back to normal and again give us a hard time at the gym.
    Best wishes for 2011, Peter

  21. Suzanne Spence permalink

    Hi Bob, I’m a friend of Leslie’s. I want to tell you how pleased I am to hear of the progress you’ve been making towards recovery. I understand that it’s a very slow and uncertain road to recovery, requiring lots of patience and faith. It takes a very strong and special person to cope with the type of situation you are in. It seems you continue to be an inspiration to those around you.

    I wish you continued strength and endurance. I know your daughter supports you 100%. I look forward to meeting you in better days ahead.


  22. Ali permalink

    Happy New Year Bobby Baby like we call you at Henderson. I am keeping your rowing machines polished just like you showed me. Obviously I learned from the best. Sending good vibes your way. You are strong mentally and physically. Now use this strength to get better. Little Miss Ali

    • Hey Prayt!Congratuliaions on your 4th blog birthday and wish you many many years of blogging!Nice cake and lovely way to celebrate the birthday!

    • That’s interesting advice annegb. What’s the story behind that? Were you just offering some free advice to your fellow students via the school newspaper?

  23. Paul & Marg Rothe permalink

    Hey, Bob!

    What super gains you’ve made in the last while! Way to hustle your butt…about time.

    Remember when you used to be able to outdo me at chin-ups. Well, it was really considerate of you, but I didn’t need you give yourself such a handicap. A year from now, I want to be able to challenge you fair and square–without any handicaps!

    And, Leslie and Ann, this is much nicer web site, especially without the continued pressure to donate.

    Keep on keeping on, Bob…one step at time, just like during workouts.

    Best of the Best to you all for 2011!

    Paul & Marg

  24. Cathy Carson permalink

    Bob – I met you many years ago and have known Leslie since she was a teen and I worked with Ann at Camosun. You are very fortunate to be surrounded by such love and strength.
    My father was paralyzed almost 20 years ago. While his condition could not be reversed (as yours can), he managed to get off the dreaded vent and to regain some mobility in his right hand. He did this through sheer determination and I sense you have the same determination.
    I wish you well and look forward to reading about your progress and truly believe you will be back at the gym in 2011.
    And, if the lovely Martin ladies ever need anything they only need ask!

  25. Todd Lindsay permalink


    I have known Bob,Robert,Bobby,”BBBM-Big Bad Bob Martin” for about 12 years and over this time he has become one of my best friends. Bob is more than a friend to me he is family. Bob and I have had many amazing adventures together from our workouts, to countless rounds of golf.

    Bob always seems to amaze me with his spirit for life! I have to share a few of what I like to call “Bobby-isms”

    One that comes to mind right away, I am moving into my new house and I ask Bob he if could help. He is always the first to offer. In my kitchen the people before us had left a smaller size fridge than the regular size, so out it has to go and in with the new one. Bob and I didn’t have much of a problem with part 1. Part 2. the new fridge which is a full size one on the other hand… Bob and I try bringing the new one through the front up a flight of stairs and into the house. After a few feeble attempts we can’t seem to fit it through the inside hall door way. So out it goes and around back up another flight of stairs.
    I’m at the bottom of the fridge pushing and Bob is pulling at the top with the dolly. This isn’t going Bob says “just hold the fridge and I’ll switch you spots.” We are in the middle of a flight of stairs with a heavy fridge. We end up switching spots and Bob tells me a story of when he was younger now that he 71 or 72 at this time. That back in Vancouver in his twenties he lifted a whole fridge by himself up two flights. I started laughing very hard and he replies with “Come on you puppy let’s get this in the house!” Bob begins to push the fridge right up into the entrance of my back porch almost by himself. Needless to say I believe him when he said he lifted one by himself back then!!!

    I know this is the most challenging time for you Bobby but you of all people can overcome this. Ann and Lesley you are also both amazing people, together you will all come through this. My love and positive thoughts are with you.


  26. Susan Lindsay permalink

    Dear Bob

    I am sending best wishes that 2011 will be the beginning of a full recovery for you. I will keep you and your family in my thoughts and look forward to the day that I hear my Son call and say “I am going to hit a few balls with Bobby today Mom” Old times will return and new memories will be made. Sincerely Susan Lindsay.

  27. Karen Tindall permalink

    Hi Bob, Anne, Leslie and Ryan –

    Happy New Year to all of you. I am so glad to see the latest update and that Bob is doing well with his breathing. We all know how committed and persistent Bob can be, and I’m sure he will exceed all the targets the doctors, nurses and physical rehab staff set.

    Best wishes for a speedy recovery.

    Bob couldn’t have a more compassionate group of people surrounding him during his recovery. Anne, Leslie and Ryan take care of yourselves.


  28. Gord & Carrol Dunkley permalink

    Hi Bob;
    I was thinking of you again, while rowing yesterday and trying to work off some of the season’s excess. From our many years of friendship, workouts and golf, you know Carrol, Lou, Lee and I are all thinking about you and confident that you can beat this back and return to us in full health.

    We only think positive thoughts and know that along with your countless friends and your will that you will prevail. This is like the last 500 Meters…. all about will – and you have both yours and all of our collective wills on your side.

    Hope to see you soon.

  29. Carrol Dunkley permalink

    Hi Bob,
    I have been thinking about you ever since Gord and I received a voice message from Anne.

    You have been our friend for so many years inspiring us to stay fit and enjoy life! You and I have shared countless games of golf (always laughing at #17 at CBGC) , we couldn’t seem to conquer that hole (LOL).

    Bob we are moving back to Victoria in the spring and I’m counting on enjoying some more golf games together. Last year I won a match play tournament at “The Harvest Golf Club”…it took 4 games (3 went to extra holes) to be victorious. It was definitely a highlight for me in that sport (and I couldn’t have done it without playing golf with you whenever we had a chance).

    YOU have touched thousands of us in different ways and now we are collectively sending you our POSITIVE thoughts!

    My love and will see you soon, Carrol

  30. Happy New Year Bob! I am so glad to hear the recent ‘good’ reports! You have so many friends and people you don’t even know all rooting for you and sending healing positive vibes your way. I expect I’ll be seeing you visiting in Leslie’s office one day not too far off. Best wishes for a full recovery. Love to you Ann and Leslie.
    Jackie Eddy

  31. Peter Stein permalink

    Bob.. I am one of the occasional visitors to Henderson.[I am a Y member but like to vary my workout settings] One day you saw me taking my pulse in a dangerous way by putting my finger on the artery just under the ear lobe.. In your direct but caring way you suggested this could have a bad effect and directed me to the area on my wrist . On other occasions you gently teased me for ambling along on an exercise bike at a ridiculously slow pace while reading .Point here is that I always noticed how caring you were that all of us got the most out of our workputs..As a 73 yr old guy myself, you were and countinue to be a huge inspiration. I send my sincere very best wishes for your recovery

    • This info is the cat’s paajams!

    • Excellent, whatever else from Giovanni. But I did wonder about ‘else’ in 14ac [Model secretary holding everyone else up? — TEMPLATE] since the clue seems to work perfectly well without this word and I wonder why it is there.

  32. Iris and David Glen permalink

    Our thoughts and best wishes for your continued recovery. We are so impressed by your strength and courage. We look forward to playing that game of golf in the near future.

    Iris and David Glen

  33. Lianne and Carl Peterson permalink

    Dear Bob:

    Carl and I were very upset to hear of your illness. We have been looking for you at the gym every Sunday and I was just told the other day (by another gym rat) about what happened to you. As I read the news on this website, I am very moved by your clear determination to overcome this health set back. Please know that you (and your family) are in our thoughts and prayers and we will keep track of you through the web. Sending very good thoughts for a complete recovery. Carl and Lianne Peterson

  34. Don and Bobbie Farquhar permalink

    Dear Mutt,
    We are so sorry that you are having a bad patch of health; but since you are the only one that Don can beat on the basketball court, we hope that your recovery is particularly speedy. Seriously, we are thinking about you and are wishing you a full recovery as we miss your sparkling personality and good humour.
    Love, Don and Bobbie

  35. David Mills permalink

    Bob may not remember me but I certainly know him. He has been an inspiration to me as a Trainer at Oak Bay for 3 years now. He didn’t actually train me, just helped inspire me to achieve my physical goals. I was shocked to hear what happened to him, but I am confident that he has the personal inner strength to overcome this setback. Wish him well for me, and tell him we want him back at the gym real soon!

  36. Annley Kelly permalink

    Dear Bob,
    You were so good to my husband Arthur Morison two years ago we have never forgotten you and now we can reciprocate your kindness by offering our daily prayers to God for your continued recovery.We always admired your positive attitude and your “can do” spirit and both will bring you forward day by day.
    Arthur celebrated his 90th birthday on Dec.28 and we are expecting you will celebrate your 90th too when the time comes.

  37. Marie Glover permalink

    Hi Bob,

    Best wishes for continued health improvements in 2011!

    I really miss our conversations prior to my Monday & Wednesday fitness classes with Leah. You are missed by so many of us that are in her 5:15pm class. My daughter Kristi also sends her best wishes for a continued recovery process and we have faith that if anyone can do it – it’ll be you!!

    Knowing both Ann and Leslie, I can say that you are surrounded with love, strength and strong ladies that will help you take ‘one day at a time’.

    I’m looking forward to seeing and chatting with you again at the Henderson Gym!


  38. Eric & Dorothy Dahli permalink

    Hi Bob, like we would say on Tuesday or Thursday night when/if you were still there and I would say “GO HOME BOB”
    So now more than ever, please heed my advice.

    Eric & Dorothy Dahli, ( long time participants on Tues and Thurs night with Barb and Ali)

  39. Grant, Shannon, Taylor & Caleb permalink

    We are thinking of you Bob and know that if anyone has the determination to beat this, it’s you. Saturday mornings at Henderson just aren’t the same without you! Best wishes to you and your family.

  40. To Bobby, my dearest Cousin…

    The world is a stunningly beautiful place, each moment we have here is precious, no matter what. A very precious gift, that I am grateful for daily. The love, the joy, the laughter, the sad moments and the tears, all are so very worth the energy we give it. Each moment we share, or spend alone, is welcome in our lives, because it teaches us how to love, more. In the end it’s this love that propels us to our highest self, and our best, that it is as simple as relaxing on a sunny warm day, accepting and sending a smile along our way.

    There is enough love in the world for you, from so many, and from within yourself, to fill the universe..there is great strength in this and in you.
    I know this, because I have known you my whole life, and no matter what
    you have said, done, thought, or felt, you have been, and continue to be,
    a light for many, on their own path to love.

    Much Love and many hugs, from your far away cousin, Anastasia

  41. Tim & Ruth Kilgore permalink

    Hey Bob

    All of us, especially you, would prefer it were otherwise, but the present circumstance allows so many of us to tell you what a hero you have been and still are to us. I speak as one who doesn’t know you all that well, and yet know that what I have just stated is true. Secondly, I am thankful for the opportunity to attempt some repayment for what you gave us when you came to our daughter Liz’s memorial service last spring. You honored us very, very much. Finally, this situation enabled me to meet your own daughter, and surprise, surprise, you raise amazing offspring.

    Be strong as always Bob. You continue to inspire and bring out the best in us, and that will never change.

    Tim Kilgore
    Liz Kilgore’s Dad

  42. Marie and Colin Green permalink

    Hello Bob,

    Anne has shared your story with us. We are incouraged by the steady progress you are making to regain mobility. Your story is truly one of great courage.

    We are thinking of you.

    Marie and Colin

  43. Mark & Nicola Deshaw permalink

    Hi Bob,
    We happen to be friends with your lovely and amazing daughter — it’s obvious the apple did not fall far from the tree! Our family sends all our positive energy and best wishes to you and yours. Love Nicola Mark and our littles Quinn & Ava

  44. Laura Paetkau permalink

    Thank you for sending me this link Leslie. I have never met Bob but I’ve heard such wonderful stories from your mom…such as the night that she and Bob met and went out dancing. I am thinking of you all and sending positive, healing thoughts.


  45. Kelly Joya permalink

    Bob, I’m so sad to hear about the past few months. Your willfullness and feats are amazing! My thoughts and prayers are with you.

  46. Nancy Belmore permalink

    Dear Bob,

    Still appreciate your setting me on the path of regular sessions at the Rec Centre through your excellent personal training. That was in July 2004 and I’m still doing the exercises you recommended.

    All the best for a complete recovery! Nancy (Belmore)

  47. Hello again “Trainer B” and all the best in 2011 (did I already say that in a previous email? Well not a bad thing to say more than once right) Been a busy month – Anyway, sounds like things are improving. Great. One day soon ,I’m sure, I’ll see that brief case in motion once more flash by my office door.

    Well, finding time to really get into my regular routine again. You should know all which that entails. But what you might not know is that I’m going to add, in your honor, the almighty rower to the my list of weekly activities. So, I plan to row on Wed around noon. My goal is to row your age in kms before my Nationals in mid Aug. So, that is 2.5 kms per Wed session.( If some does a little math they will be able to guess your age, sorry.) Doesn’t look like much scripted but I don’t know maybe it is. I’ll let you know. Maybe after this undertaking people will ask me the same thing people have asked you ” where did you get those muscle implants?”. All the best. Stay strong.

  48. Pam Slyth permalink

    Hi Bob
    This is Pam sending you wishes for strength and a speedy recovery. You might remember giving me a bad time frequently when we worked together at Henderson Centre (Me at Reception). I am sure they are missing you there. I am thinking of you and hoping for news that your condition is improving day by day.

  49. Hello Bob; I’ve recently gotten hooked on acrylic painting and have only been to the gym a couple times in 2011 and today Feb 5 I heard the news of your troubles.You’ve been an inspiration to so many over the years and I am indebted to you for your encouragment over the many rowing miles we have sweated out together. Thanks for being you and get the(blank) better!! terry(that artsy fatsy guy)

  50. Sabina Guildford permalink

    I hope you’re getting a little stronger everyday. Things have been quiet in the gym since you’ve been away and you are missed very much. You will be happy to know that in your absence, I still clean off my sneakers after every run before entering the gym.

    Sabina Guildford

  51. Jill and Ron Petrini permalink

    Hello Bob,
    We are friends of Leslie’s and although we have not met, we hear (and read) of the amazing man you are and know of the challenges that you face now. You are continually in our thoughts and we are inspired by your strength.
    We wish you ongoing strength and good health, we look forward to meeting you in better times!
    Take good care!

  52. Good day Bob:
    Hope it has been a good week.
    Okay an update (big one week update) on my Trainer Bob rowing endeavor. I passed my first Wed without too much pain. Acutally, seemed quite easy. Don’t know what all your rowing bragging is about. Finished my workout in 12 minutes as Leah (staff) predicted I would. Really no lasting repicussions from adding to my routine but my back posture in my Ballroom activities had a couple of winces. However, I have to admit that I fell off the “rower” (wagon) this week (2nd week!) because the back was a tad bit tight (but not like July) because of a relaxing weekend away?!. Sometimes they can be the worst. But then I should have varied my activities that weekend…Anyway I’m back stretching things out and I’ll be sure to catch up next week. At this point I’ve only rowed just past your 2nd birthday!
    Wishing you continued improvement.

  53. Marguerite Hobbs permalink

    Dear Bob,

    From my heart, comes deep admiration for you. You were always so cheerful and encouraging in the gym. I continue to admire you as you spend each day trying to accomplish great things, and knowing that every little inch more you achieve will get you there.

    Being an athlete, you know you have good days and bad days. Think of the good days you have enjoyed and remember there are so many people routing for you to have those good days again. AND THEY WILL COME!

    We all pass on a bit of our own strength to you, your wife and daughter.
    Much love, Marguerite Hobbs

  54. Barb Doyle permalink

    So happy to hear about all of your wonderful progress!! Well done and may the progress continue to blossom. Prayers are with you, Ann and Leslie.

  55. Jeanette Hunt permalink

    Hi Bob, Ann, Leslie and Ryan,

    Your strength, courage and progress is truly inspiring to me. I am so pleased to hear of the progress you’ve been making towards recovery. My prayers and positive, healing thoughts are with you and your family.


  56. Carolyn permalink

    Bob its me Carolyn your favourite receptionist. I have to first say I miss you alot. Its not the same here on Tues and Thurs mornings without you walking in the building with your briefcase and telling me to work harder. We want you back so badly so keep up the GREAT progress and it will happen. So my gift to you is I have been going on the treadmill every day for about 30mins on my breaks. I am getting more comfortable with doing that so I am going to keep it up for you! You keep getting better and I will keep doing the treadmill and together we will overcome our obsticals. I am thinking of you alot Bob and I am praying that you will be back to work soon! PS Mr. Martin (rabbit) is doing good we are feeding him and Barb and Karen can pet him. He is so cute! I can hear it now get to work so that is what I am going to do. Later Bob!

  57. Jayni Pirani permalink

    Dear Mr Martin ( it’s too weird to call you Bob as I’ve known you as Mr Martin my whole life !) When I picture our talks together, I recall the focus and passion you have in everything you do and I know that these very traits will see you through this very difficult time in your life. You have an amazing wife and daughter and so many people who love you and who are sending you prayers and positive thoughts. I just know that with your determination and all of this love around you, you will continually make strides in your recovery. Leslie keeps me posted on your progress and today she said you were off the ventilator!! Fantastic news! A big hug from Jayni and Siara in Toronto.

  58. Melissa McLeod permalink

    Hi Bob,

    My heart goes out to you and your family. You are one of the fittest, funniest men I have ever had the pleasure to meet. I wish you all the best in a healthy recovery.


    Melissa McLeod

  59. Bob,
    You are a true warrior!
    Keep up the good work …Dale and I wish you, and your family all the best.

  60. Hello Bob,
    All these guys sending their love, bonding extremes, how amazing.
    How the world has changed in that people can share with you in an immediate way and so many have come forward to express hope and love to you, Ann and Leslie..

    You are one lucky guy to have these two woman in your corner rooting for you and championing your recovery. Your Health team sound fantastic to work with you each day and watch over your needs.

    Your hippie neighbours across the road ( well we were a long time ago!)
    Cheers / Rob & Liz

  61. Gord & Carrol Dunkley permalink

    Hi Bob and Anne;
    I am so pleased to read the update to the end of Feb and learn that you are making such good progress. We are back in Victoria (Feb 25th) and look forward to the opportunity to come and visit when it is convenient for you. Know this: we are thinking of you often and have every confidence that your will is supreme, and if anyone can beat this, you are the one!
    Carrol and I look forward to more rounds of golf with you, and of course my taking more pennies out of your wallet via a press on 17!
    Keep going Bob you are on the way.

  62. Kelly Robinson permalink

    Hi Bob,

    Missing you so very much here at Henderson. However you continue to inspire us with your recovery. You are such an extaordinary person. Can’t wait to see you here again soon. Until then, sending you my very best.

    Kelly (your second favourite receptionist)

  63. Graham Lamb permalink

    Hi Bob:

    There’s not a day that goes by at the fitness centre without someone asking me how you are doing. Many thanks to your family for the updates and positive news.

    We are all trying our best to keep the rowing machines lubed and ready for you when you return.

    Keep up the great work with your rehab.


  64. Sue Greenwood permalink

    Hi Bob, I am one of the quiet ones at the gym who have known you since the early 1990’s. In actual fact I used to run the Henderson badminton and you were in the small fitness studio. Sometimes I had to close up the gym late in the evening and would sometimes have to wait for “Those darn fitness people” to leave before I could actually lock up. I always wondered what was the big deal about weight training etc. Well over the years I came around to your way of thinking and I too joined the gym and began using the weights and equip. Now in my mind YOU BOB are our VERY OWN JACK LALANE of fitness. Surely you remember how Jack used to pull that boat across the bay just by using his strong will and strength. Well I know how strong of mind you are and I expect you to pull across those difficult waters now and remember that all of us here on your web page are right there with you! Let’s Go Bob!! You are our leader and we are all with you 100%. I look forward to seeing you back where you belong in the gym in the future. All the best, Sue.

  65. Joan and Doug Stoneman permalink

    We have been gone for a few months. On return we were shocked to learn of your situation. Our thoughts and prayers go out to you and we are puilling for a full recovery.
    Joan and Doug.

  66. Jordan McLean permalink

    Trainer Bob,

    I asked about you when I called Cordova Bay Golf Course and was informed of this web site. Thank you to your amazing family for putting this information together.

    I am living in Campbell River now with Melissa, Mandi and our newest addition Owen born August 6th. I work at a pulp mill in Port Alice in the finishing room. You will be happy to hear that I have a a very laborious job and that the 12-hour shifts have been whipping me into shape- Although nowhere near as thorough as your training regimen.

    Our thoughts are with you and your family and we wish you a speedier recovery.


  67. Keith & Kathleen Classen permalink

    Hi Bob – we just read the latest update and you are truly an inspiration to all of us. We certainly do miss you at the gym and the golf course and wish you a full and speedy recovery. Our thoughts are with you and your family.

    Keith and Kathleen Classen

  68. Mandi Krieger permalink

    April 12th

    To my Birthday Buddy,

    Have a wonderful birthday – thinking of you 🙂


  69. Nicky Brown permalink

    Hi Bob,
    I only found out yesterday (12th) that we too are Birthday buddies, i knew we had a bond from the start! I hope you had a fabulous day!
    We truly miss you up here at Henderson but Barb has filled us in on how awesome you are doing and how you have a ‘job to do!’
    So, all i can say is ‘get to work’ and we will see you soon!
    All my love Nicky Brown (Recreation Coordinator at Henderson)

  70. Well Bob, if Carolyn is your favourite receptionist, and Kelly is your second favourite…..I don’t know where that leaves me! I’m not willing to be any one’s third pick….you know me 😉 I have enjoyed reading updates on this site, and can’t say I’m suprisd to read that you are in fighting spirits, you cheeky young man:) We miss you lots, and Henderson isn’t the same without you. Patrons ask after you daily, and send their best wishes. Without someone telling me to “get to work” I float aimlessly through my Sunday afternoon shift….
    It isn’t nearly as fun without your teasing and accusations of flirting with all the boys….which I vehemently deny, I’m just naturally bubbly!
    I’ve been working out more regularly and have even returned to my yoga practice as my shoulder is much improved. When I feel like being lazy and skipping a work out, I think of you and hear your encouraging, (albeit at times imperious) words and strap on my runners and move my butt! Thinking of you often and hoping I would have been able to be on your little video, but am only here now on Sundays. Maybe we can have a sing-off one day….hopefully soon!
    Get to work Bob,
    Pam (#1 best receptionist ever…..)

  71. Eddie B permalink

    Hey Bob , Still going strong I bet.

    I’m still going at the Wednesday noon work out. Damn rowing is creaking up my left knee…so have to change to a one legged push! Actually, changed to other routine. But the “new” day, Wednesdays, will carry in your honour until August. Feels good to add more (as you are doing).Good to see you last month. I’m sure your return home (should be soon I quess) will be sweet. Well take care and keep up the hard , hard work. Wow!! Thinking of you.

  72. Hi Bob, Anne and Leslie. Gord Dunkley has kept me posted as to Bob’s story and progress to-date. Bob, you have always been a person that I have admired for many, many reasons including your posiive attitude to life and your dedication to your own fitness and the fitness of hundreds of others. My years at Henderson with Gord and Lee were among the best years of my life and your role was central. You inspired me to put my fitness first and to appreciate the simple things in life – family, friends and being positive about everything. If there is one person who can beat the challenge that you have been handed Bob, it is you. I wish you all the best for a complete recovery and you are in my thoughts. Regards, Lou.

  73. Hi Bob:
    It’s Vivian Moreau here. I’m the Oak Bay News reporter who wrote a story must be two years ago now about working out at Henderson. I’ve not been to the gym in several months as I have a concussion, but I am anxious to get back as I’m turning into a couch potato.
    I’ve been reading the posts and trying to figure out how you’re doing, I can only assume remarkably well. I look forward to seeing you back at the gym. Take care. VM

  74. Charlie Cahill permalink


    Just read through your story and I’m happy to hear you are regaining some ground, my reaction to the flu shot was longer but not as intense as yours. My paralysis led to 2 years plus in a wheelchair from my 2009 flu shot but I didn’t have the intense ICU experience… very scary stuff you went through. All the best for 2013 and if you ever get to Edm you have to drop in.

  75. Linnea permalink

    Thanks for sharing your story. Even though you’ve endured so much, I think you are doing remarkably well; very inspiring. It was wonderful to meet you today, and I hope we meet again soon.

  76. thanks to all w ho have taken the time to give your lovely comments. I love to inspire who ever I meet to get the most out of their lives but most important to get the most out of the time we have .All we have is Time. Bob.

  77. Ali Ezletni permalink

    Well, you could of fooled me. I saw you today and YOU look great. I am so happy it’s all behind you. Keep fighting the good fight my friend. And by the way, If you see the person who banged the side of my beautiful car, please let him know how I feel. Peace

  78. Anita Sanderson permalink

    Anita Sanderson
    Hi my name is Anita Sanderson, as you can tell.
    I suffered the full brunt of GBS in the Novemeber of 1989, 1 month shy of my first born son celebrating his 1st Birthday.
    I woke up one morning and my legs were ice cold, i went to the doctors the next day to have him say,” You have a viral infection, there is nothing we can do except wait it through”, by the time another 4 days were up, I was pulling myself up the staircase as i had lost so much strength, couldnt even brush my hair.
    My husband took me to the Royal Melbourne Hospital here in Melbourne, he doubted my illness greatly and was quite angry that he had been put out, as he was supposed to be picking up his daughter for an access visit.
    This is the day that my horrendous journey through Guillian Barre began, i cannot explain in words how terrifying it was.
    The doctor who was assigned to my case came into the ward and inroduced himself, explaining to myself and my husband about the journey we were about to embark on.
    His words still ring in my ears ” You are going to become very very ill before you can even think about becoming better”.
    I asked” how long would i be in hospital”, his reply floored me, “anywhere from 3-6 months maybe even longer”.
    I burst into tears, i had a young family at home this couldnt be happening, and yet it was.
    The first day in hospital i really felt no change, i was having family members force me to eat as i had no appetite whatsoever, little did i know it was my body telling me NOT to eat as my gag reflex had nearly become non existent, that night i ended up in Intensive Care with a tube down my throat so i could breathe with a machine.
    This is how fast the illness wreaked havoc with my tiny body.
    For 1 week i was in intensive Care completely paralysed by this time, only able to communicate via hand writing which wasnt very legibile i might say.
    The staff thought i was ready to have the tube removed, but i wasnt, the family got the call to come into the hospital as they didnt think i would pull through.
    Hence i did, with a fighting spirit i commenced the uphill battle of getting myself better to get home to my family.
    The journey was truly horrific with some nice nursing staff and some horrible nursing staff.
    In the end i walked out of rehab on 2 walking sticks on Feb the 8th the following year with no residual effects whatsoever.

    I became a spokes person for some time with other people who had been diagnosed as well, I visited them in ICU to let them know that they would get better eventually but it was a fight for your life.

    Just because you cant see an illness doesnt mean it doesnt exsist.

    There is so much more to my story but i dont think i would fit it in here lol.

    I just wanted to share my story and hopefully it will give 1 sufferer or 1 famile member hope, when hope seems so lost

    • Carol Milne permalink

      Wow! Amazing stories you are collecting!!! C u soon x

      Sent from my iPhone

  79. Anita Sanderson permalink

    Anita Sanderson

    Part 2 of my story

    From being intubated in the ICU and second daily Plasmapherisis exchanges which were excrutiating (as this was speeding up the progression of the illness), to being told you still have a long road ahead of you, i felt so deflated, my lifeless body just lay there i could feel the tears welling, where was this going to end up, was this my life as i was going to know it?

    I had the kindest nurse who would come in every alternate day and wash my hair and try and make me feel pretty, she was a blessing, the most kind hearted person i had met during my stay, there were also the bad ones.
    The bad nurses or should i say the inexperienced nurses would make comments because i had defacated in the bed, this could not be helped as they only had catheters not poo bags so to speak, my heart shattered with these comments.

    I wrote a letter to my mother who visited every day as my dad did and my husband explaining to her the things that i was over hearing, she saw the hurt in my eyes and was completely helpless as she knew that i was at their mercy, she became ropeable as you would well imagine.

    My father who had already lost his first daughter tragically in a car accident several years prior, didnt know what to do, my husband didnt know what to do, at the end of the day what can anyone do, its my word against theirs and i was in no fit state to fight for the respect that i felt i deserved.

    After enduring a week in ICU, I progressed to the general ward, but with conditions, and they were NO VISITORS, altho it was aimed at my children as they were still so little and very vulnerable to any germs and as it happened i had come out of inytensive care with MRSA, a highely contagious germ, anyone who came to see me, which was only my husband and my dad and mum had to wear protective clothing including masks.

    I longed to see my gorgeous kids so my husband bought them in and i saw them through a viewing window, my heart just broke, i wanted to touch them, to feel them, to cuddle them, to kiss them. NO that wasnt posssible, so i gestured my husband to take them away it was far too painful.

    Thinking that everything was going along great, the doctor’s had said i could go to Rehab even tho i still had my tracheotomy, they figured this could be managed by the staff at rehab, How wrong was I, things were about to turn for the worst.

  80. Anita Sanderson permalink

    Anita Sanderson

    Part 3 of my story

    When i say things were about to take a turn for the worst this is what proceeded to happen.

    I still had a traecheotomy whislt i was in the general ward, but it was making me constantly gag and dry reach so the doctors gave me doese of Maxolon and Stemetil,
    a drug which stops the nauseated feeling, because i had had such heavy doses of it my body rected violently and my eyes began to roll back into my head(bit like the exorcist i would imagine lol), my husband was visiting me at the time and noticed it, commenting is everything ok.

    My eyes had fixated on the roof of my ward and they were crossed, the doctors came rushing in and ordered my husband to leave immediately.
    I immediately panicked and began having an asthma attack as there was no communication from my end.
    I was having an allergic reaction to the high doses of these drugs, the doctor’s had never witnessed this before and it took several hours for them to figure out what it was and how to treat it, so meanwhile i am laying there thinking, my goodness not only can i not walk, talk, eat, feed myself, breathe for myself, now i cant see, well
    not straight in front of me, where i was supposed to be looking anyway.

    My mind was going a hundred miles an hour by this stage, eventually the Professor of Neurology who had been my rock( apart from my family members ) right through this ordeal, came into the room, took one look at me a mumbled some huge name as they do, and said this lady needs dah dah dah drug administered immediately, get all staff members to observe the condition immediately so they are aware of this condition and know how to rectify it.

    So over a period of 15 minutes i was a lab rat, nurses looking,talking asking questions, I was fine with this as i was so grateful by this time that the condition had a name and could be fixed.
    Once the drugs were administered the eyes became normal again, Yay i could see.

    Thankfully things were looking upwards, one of the nurses came in and said i think a nice bath shaving of the legs and plucking your eyebrows is going to do you the world of good, What do you think? I was over the moon so in came the lifting machine, off to the bath i went, it was amazing best bath ever.

    After the MRSA had gone i was able to have a room near other people, the hospital decided a single room was best for me as i couldnt communicate anyway and seeing other people’s visitor’s may cause me some distress, so off i went this is where i encountered the nurse from HELL.

    As i had lost so much wait and was a mere 40kg, all skin and bone the doctor had ordered that i be turned every 30 minutes, this was achievable he had decided, but one night shift nurse decided it wasnt.

    I pressed the buzzer to be turned at approximately 11:00pm as my hip was terribly sore, the nurse came in took one look at her watch and said “I have better things to do than be at your beck and call you can WAIT”, with that she walked out of the room, my heart sank, What was i going to do i cant move i cant yell i cant do a nything.

    The next best thing was to try and turn myself, so i did.
    I grabbed the side bars of the bed and tried with all my might ot turn for half an hour, the nurse still hadnt come back and i was to scared to ring the buzzer.
    I couldnt do it i was heartbroken as i neede some relief from my hip, so i kept trying to no avail.
    I tried that hard that i bought on an asthma attack, now i had to ring the buzzer because i needed the Nebulizer.
    The nurse came in and could see the distress and said” what have you done to yourself you stupid woman i told you to wait”. I pointed to my throat gesturing that i needed the Nebulizer, she got it for me and the relief was instant, she then turned me.

  81. Anita Sanderson permalink

    Part 4 as promised.

    After the horrrendous night with the nurse from hell, i was exhausted, all i wanted to do was sleep for the day.

    The nurses were not going to allow this, it was sponge time the most degrading part of GBS in my eyes was having this done and also having the catheter changed apart from excrutiatingly painful it was just plain degrading.

    The nurses were talking to me and asking me how my night went, i cried, they saw the tears rolling down my eyes and asked what had happened, i told them about the incident the night before.

    They went to check my notes to see what had been written down, of course there was nothing, all that was noted was on my medicine chart that i had received ventolin at 11:30, they knew i was telling the truth as the hurt was deeply set in my eyes and on my face, apparently this nurse was a trainee, pity she graduated the next year i say.

    The nurses suggested that today was going to be a spruce up day, they suggested that they take me down to the bathroom once all their rounds had finished and give me a bath and shave my legs and under arms9as a forest had certainly started to appear), they called my husband and asked him to bring in some nice soap, shampoo, body lotion etc, everything to make me feel like a lady again for a short time.

    My husband came in and with him he had a bundle of goodies, new nighties, a brand new sheepskin underlay, nice smelly potions of all sorts, i was ecstatic that he thought of all of the extra little things, to my surprise the nurses had told him of the incident the night before and asked him if he could bring a sheepskin in as this would help with comfort immensely.

    My husband asked me to explain to him what had actually happened the night before, i briefly wrote down what had happened, his anger was visible, this was not going to end well.
    He asked the nurses who the nurse was the prior night and they explained that she was a trainee, he said under no circumstances is she to go anywhere near my wife again, you can see how distraught she is being insuch a helpless state, they noted it in my records and i never had dealings with her agasin, until the day i returned to the hospital as a fully functioning outpatient, but thats another story, she certainly never thought about the day i would leave hospital and remember her.

    Once my husband had left the nurses took me to the bathroom and started their little pampering session, it felt amazing to be treated like a princess i suppose, they washed and massaged my head,rubbed lotion into my leathery little body and i felt like a million dollars, but i was exhausted, i juts wanted to go back to bed, so they put me back into bed with my new nighties on s,melling like a bunch of roses on my new sheepskin underlay.

    I burst into tears again as the kindness i had experienced form them was just so overwhelming, plus i didnt want my husband to leave, but he had to get back to the kids, heaven forbid his own sister would charge him overtime to look after her own niece and nephew, yes believe it or not his own sister charged him $20 every time she had to look after the kids to come in and see me, and she only lived 3 doors away.

    Feed time came, yippee what flavour of Ensure(liquid diet) was i getting put into my feeding tube today i wonder, i hated this stuff, it was stinking hot outside and all i wanted was a nice cold drink or an ice cream, No it wasnt possible, but they did allow me to suck on ice chips but only if i promised to put tiny slithers in my mouth, well as rebellious as i was at certain times, there was no way just one ice chip was going in, i put heaps in and started to choke, that was the end of that.

  82. Anita Sanderson permalink

    Part 5:

    I was still on the general ward with Stroke victims and Brain disorders, Due to me being under Neurological Doctors, this was where i was staying.

    The heartbreak of hearing this one young girl, and she was only in her early 20’s crying non stop because of the debilitating stroke she had had and the limitless of her own body now was just sinking in.

    She whaled and whaled and i just lay there and listen to the heartbeaking sobs. all i could think well at least i am going to get better, very selfish of me in a way but my compassion was there for her and her journey in life as well, butjust favouring my own recovery as i think we all would do in that situation.

    He boyfriend never left her side except to go home, but was back again the very next day, Wayne (my husband was the same) he had to be back at home tolook after the kids, as he had given up work for the time being.

    My families support through this daily struggle was hugely benefciial, every little hurdle that was accomplished was like watching a new born reach their first milestones,

    My personality was starting to come through at this stage as i could finally start seeing the light at the end of the tunnel. I would wake up or even lie there thinking, this isnt going to beat me, i am not going to end up becoming a victim of this GBS, i am going to pull through it.

    That was great having this new found lease on life, but the physiotherapists didnt have enough man power for the amount of physio i wanted to do, they would allocate an hour i would want to be there all day, I just want to go home and i wont get there being stuck here, so they would gave me exercises to do in my room.
    I wouldbe in my room head down bum up powering through my new set of exercises, like the little red caboose.. I know i can I know i can … and i did them, would become exhausted, sleep, then start again.

    My aim was simple, I AM GETTING THE HELL OUT OF HERE… I have a family that needs me.

    • IDK, I think DAW is taller. And as you said, Tara is not really a fanfav. I can only think of Ginger, if Mony is right about the he#b;t&i8230; &ngsp;&nbsph0 likes

  83. wonderful story i can relate to all i will write my own story some day most is what our daughter wrote thanks for ur story Bob.

  84. Anita Sanderson permalink

    Your welcome Bob

  85. Ian MacLean permalink

    What a story. Nothing short of a miracle to be playing golf with you, Bob. Thank you for sharing this story as it serves notice to all who visit here. Keep up the good work. It looks good on you.

    • I thank all those who visit this site Please vote at Care2petitionsit bob martin no-fault we MUST get OUR gov’t to create a vaccine compensation program for all injured or die from the effects of ANY vaccine in CANADA .

  86. You share interesting things here. I think that your page can go viral easily, but
    you must give it initial boost and i know how to do it, just type in google
    (with quotes) for – “mundillo traffic increase make your website go viral”

  87. thank u i neeed the help to get the votes to move our very BLIND ,DEAF and not so DUMB gov’t when they want to ignore u and neglect those who need proper ,just and fair help…Bob

  88. Awesome posts you post here, i have shared this post on my facebook

  89. Good luck to you!


  91. Thank you

    • I totally agree – it is a case of what’s in character vs. wanting to see a character grow. Though I think it worked here, because we were seeing Amber learn from Sa71&h#82ar;s ways rather than Sarah herself. I’m curious to see what happens with Hank and Sarah – if it’ll be the same old thing where she’s taking care of someone, or if they really have something that could work long term.

  92. Thank you!

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  95. Rita hansard permalink

    I too had gbs I was also placed on a ventilator for 2 weeks. As they assess me they said that my best outcome was to walk like a duck or with a walker forever. In 3 months I was walking back to normal. I also returned to work in a school cafeteria. I have very little issues from it. I hope you have a speedy recovery. Write back if you want to. Rita Hansard

  96. Rebecca Simmons Nickerson permalink

    First of all wow ! Unreal ! One of my best friends I grew up with was having pain in her abdominal area…and she would get sent home with pain meds. Finally she had to have a procedure. While she had been hooked to an iv….before the surgery. A nurse or someone medical put a shot into her iv.She asked what it was? The woman responded oh something to make you forget. The thing is one asked her they just gave it to her. Today she does not recall a lot of things we experienced in life. is a Joke…laughter is good medicine. My favorite corney joke is this….A priest is getting on in years and is finding out it’s to much to climb the 3 flights of stairs to the bell tower and ring the he announces his retiring from ringing the bells and ask if someone would take it on. He gets 3 volunteers. So to be fair he gives all 3 a try. The 1st applicant did fine but in fairness he hears the second who also did well. But of course in fairness he gives the 3rd a chance. The 3rd unlike the first two sizes the bell up. He then backs way up to the open balcony and runs headlong into the bell ramming his face on the bell thereby getting goy yoy yong sound…the priest is shocked . The man backs up again and runs he as long to the bell again ramming his head and face at the bell making the s as me echoing sound…by this time the priest finds his voice trying to stop the 3rd candidate…but still the man runs at the bell head long..he then tells the priest one more time….so the priest is calling NO NO ! But the man determined back way up to the balcony and falls over the edge 3 floors to the ground . The priest goes as fast as he can to check on the man…by this time a crowd has gathered surrounding the falling man…while the priest makes his way to the man he finally gets to him as a police officer comes through the crowd simultaneously. The officer says Father do you know the man ?” The priest replied ” NO , but his face rings a bell ! Try to keep the laughter to a dull roar. If you send an email address I would look for inspiring stories and better jokes ! I lost my hubby suddenly car accident not looking to replace him…but inspiring stories and laughter is good. I will offer one recommendation…with all your dad has been through physically there is one other therapy he could try.When you hear it you might roll your eyes and say forget it…. it no matter how foolish it may sound…what will it cost him but 20 minutes of time.My husband before he died in a car accident had fallen off a roof and they told us it would be a miracle if they could save his leg. He had to wait 10 days for surgery. Anyway, this Apostolic minister and saints prayed for my husband God answered. Then after the surgery he was not so sure he was glad they saved his leg. Being up for an hour or hour and a half it would swell and he’d have to elevate it. No more the avid hunter or doing the carpentry he loved….but a year later this apostolic minister prayed for him again …and for 10 years after with two metal plates ,20 some screws And his doc said he would never run again…he did not have a knee cap…but a few years down the road he slowly ran to 1st base. He had a lot of soft tissue damage. We did not hear any good reports medically. But where there’s life there’s hope. My girlfriend called me and she had a bleep of a dream and in the dream she saw an angel bowed over my husband’s right leg…she did not know what leg was injured …but this dream was accurate in the correct leg. Make sure it’s an apostolic man or woman of God that prays because you will receive answers. They won’t bug you. They will respect your wishes even if your an atheist please give it a try. My email again is. I am not a stalker,scammer. I live in the small town I grew up in. We still trust people for the most part. I was not a small dog person but my hubby got me one and I now have 3. They are not annoying barkers. But the deer come down and are digging the snow away to get acorns. My husband and i have been caretakers of a large estate and I can take the dogs up around the back fields In warmer weather. You see the beautiful bowl of the mountains. It is awesome. I use to take so much for granted. If you are not worn out from this book, send a hello and i will send a shorter book and corney jokes..bless you and your family ! Let there be progress seen Jesus. I won’t preach promise sincerely Becky Simmons Nickerson ps also a friends grandson was fine he was 6 months old or so and developing fine and given a vaccine..and problems arose. He has autism. But they noticed a diff right after the vaccine.

  97. Josh permalink

    I’m sorry to hear about your father. My wife was diagnosed with gbs 3 months ago. We have no idea what caused this, I think it has something to with hormones from pregnancy, or birth. Our daughter was 3 months, old almost to the day, when my wife was diagnosed. It was bad, not as bad as your fathers though, and I have seen all cases are different. She was in icu for a week, then in the hospital for a few more days, and then in rehab for 10 days. Today we are living with her parents, at first the baby would stay in their room at night during the week, so that I could go back to work. Recently our baby has transferred downstairs to our room, my wife is able to pick her up from the crib and carry her around. These were huge steps for us, and for my wife’s spirits. The road ahead can be long, and their can be lingering effects, but you need to celebrate all the small victories along the way. I will keep your family in my prayers.

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