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Bob’s Story this site is NOT CLOSED please read and share Bob Martin


On Oct 20 Bob had a flu shot.

The following week Bob had chills and just couldn’t get warm. He had some difficulty swallowing on the right side of his throat. At one point he was wary about his balance with some stairs.

On Nov 1 during a walk, he experienced some stiffness in his legs and lack of control with one of his feet. Later that night he found that he was numb and tingly in the base of the feet and lacked balance and the ability to stand. By the morning the numbness and tingling feeling had progressed up his legs.

On Nov 2, Bob was immediately rushed to the hospital with Dr’s considering two possible medical conditions – ALS or GBS. Through their assessment they determined that he had Guillain-Barre Syndrome (GBS).
They immediately administered IVIG treatment over the next 5 nights in hopes of reversing the syndrome. Yet, over the next 7 days Bob’s condition worsened as the paralysis began to ascend through his body in turn creating havoc on his respiratory system.

For those who don’t know Bob, he is an extremely fit, athletically active,  72 year old Personal Trainer for Oak Bay and Henderson Recreation.

On Nov 9 Bob was transferred to the Intensive Care Unit (ICU) where they placed him on a ventilator and monitored him closely. At this point he was now paralyzed up to his shoulders. He could only slightly shrug his shoulders and move his neck/head. Among other tubes attached to him, he also had a nasal feeding tube. Communication from this point forward had become limited with Bob who had to start using an alphabet chart – blinking each time a letter was spoken that he was looking for to describe a word and also using as much eye contact as possible to help us understand him.

We could only wait for him to plateau and with only one sign on Nov 12 that looked promising, sadly he dipped back deeper into the syndrome.

On Nov 16 they tested the possibility of removing the ventilator, however, that was only successful for a few hours and he had to be placed back on the ventilator. On Nov 18 they removed the ventilator from his mouth and did a tracheotomy and attached the ventilator to the trachea.

During the next 2 weeks he lost finite control of his muscles in his tongue including his eyes which has led to some vision problems.

During the week of Nov 29 they administered another 5 day dosage of IVIG in hopes again of kick starting Bob’s system.  On Thurs Dec 2 they decided to move his feeding tube from his nasal area and inserted the feeding tube through the stomach.

By the end of the week Bob began to breathe more on his own while attached to the ventilator. He still needed ventilator support but this became an opportunity during Dec 6-17 as Bob had the pleasure ro test his ability to breathe on his own. This has progressed slowly from 2 – 20 min sessions per day up to 2 – 1 hr sessions per day. In addition, some ‘slight’ signs of movement have appeared BUT he still remains paralyzed and on a ventilator.
All of these changes are slow going and progress at their own rate with Bob having good and bad days. There aren’t any answers at this point. It’s a waiting game.

People’s reactions of astonishment and disbelief have led to the outpouring of support and belief in Bob and his ability to persevere. We are overwhelmed with your kindness and words. Bob (my dad) is so appreciative and thanks each of you for reaching out to him.

We thank you.

All future updates after Dec 17 will be placed on the ‘Updates‘ page of this site.

We are not accepting any donations through any website or through any other means.

Thank you for your interest to visit Bob, but please, no visitors at this time except immediate family.

Please feel free to share an experience or send encouraging, inspiring or humorous words – post in the ‘Guest Book’ or email me at . I would love to share your words with my dad during this very challenging time and support him through to recovery.

A brief video of Bob’s fitness level, before contracting GBS due to his flu shot!!!


What I feel about the position of the vaccine manufacturing and The Federal and Provincial Governments’ responsibilities and duties regarding the adverse effects from the H1N1 Flu Shot and any other adverse effect from other vaccines. Most importantly, the adverse rare effect of Gillian Barre Syndrome, a very debilitating admitted side effect by the Governments and the Vaccine Manufacturers.

Please check my story at regarding my having received the H1N1 flu vaccine and the debilitating effect.

Firstly we need to have medical justice for GBS adverse reaction to the H1N1 flu vaccine. The Federal Government has been very quiet about legal protection for Canadians for the swine flu adverse reactions since 1976 to date.

The US and, I believe, Quebec have signed agreements with the drug company Glaxo Smith Kline enabling them to compensate those who fall within the frame of adverse effect from the flu vaccine.

France has also signed an agreement with Glaxo Smith Kline to accept their offer to compensate those who have adverse effects from the vaccine.

The US Department of Health, US Department of Justice and the US Court of Federal claims won their case October 1, 1988 twelve years after the big H1N1 – GBS scare of 1976. They set up a trust fund to compensate those injured after receiving an influenza vaccine. The fund receives .75c tax on each individual shot. It is administered by the Vaccine Injury Compensation Program and over the years has received approximately 5 billion $’s from the Vaccine company and paid out approximately 2 billion to those injured.

If we look at comments from others in regard to Trust and Respect of Fairness we see that they speak about it but have not acted in Canada.

I will quote Dr. David Butler Jones, Canada’s Chief Public Health Officer, who pleads for Canadians to get their H1N1 vaccine, says:

“I don’t want to be the cause of someone’s serious illness or death.” However, if you look at the statistics of GBS you will see he already has and the only way not to be is to do more research, and in the meantime, create a proper Compensation Program for those who have a family member die or have a living adverse effect from the flu vaccine. It is CRIMMINAL NEGLIGENCE on all parties to KNOWINGLY CONTINUE to NOT ACCEPT their RESPONSIBILITY.

Further to my feelings re vaccines and adverse effects in Canada, I would suggest that if any one province has signed a deal with the manufacturing vaccine distributor or Provincial Government to provide funds for those injured by their vaccines are showing reason that they accept responsibility for all those injured in other Provinces as well.

If one Province is covered, all other Provinces should be covered. See: US Government agreement attached. If we had the same agreement, we would have received approximately 500 million dollars into a trust account. Look at what our Government has gifted to Glaxco Smith Kline over the years by not pressing the vaccine company’s for us.

The Charter of Rights of Canada Sections – 5 gives us protection of Life, Liberty and Security

– 6 Equality of rights, Equal Protection, Equal Benefit.

The People or Citizens of ALL other Provinces are being discriminated against, as we do not have the benefit of Compensation Protection when given a flu vaccine, and have adverse effects, as they do in Quebec.

I feel discriminated against as a disabled victim of GBS caused by the H1N1 flu vaccine by not being compensated for my pain and suffering, loss of wages and even my family’s pain and suffering. We who have been injured over the years fall into the category of disadvantaged groups and need extra help to have full equality with other citizens, namely those of Quebec.
The Vaccine Company should be the one to prove that the vaccine did not give or create the avenue for gbs. It is in the Charter of Rights: called REVERSE ONUS LAW. Unfortunetly it only counts for safecrackers to prove why they have certain tools in their possestion. A play on words is, the vaccine companies are like safecrackers they have broken our code and can manipulate our systems, pity to both of the previous comments.

I have attached two cases from the US Court of Federal Claims. Each case shows the petitioner (injury by vaccine flu shot) is entitled to compensation but not attached in this letter but the paper copy I will post it later .

I have also attached a copy of the US National Vaccine Compensation Program requirements.The same goes for these.


My comments re CTV News article May 10, 12 – Vaccine Compensation Program Overdue.

The judge or judges that use the reason that even if you were told you could actually get GBS from a flu vaccine or any other vaccine. They still would go ahead and get the shot.

No judge should make such a statement if he/she is honest and reasonable in his opinion:

1. No person can know what any individual would do under the circumstance – only the person getting the shot. If that is the main season a judge makes his/her decision it is folly and very arrogant to do so.

2. The judge needs only to look at case decisions in the United States regarding GBS finding in favour of the petitioner.

3. The fact stated by Charlene Wiles of the Public Health Agency of Canada that they welcome a ‘no fault’ Compensation Program is overdue a it has been on-going since 1976 without any protection for the injured.

4. Vaccine companies like Glaxco Smith Kline are bullies in Canada. They pay for the same cases in the United States that they fight in Canada. Quoting the writer of the article, Keelan says there has not been one successful civil lawsuit for medical injury related to vaccine immunization in Canada.

That shows the bias of the courts in Canada and possibly the power of the vaccine companies’ use over the Courts and judges. The fact that no one wins yet there are winners in the United Sates. No fault system, says we need to change here in Canada.

When the decision comes from the government, Health Canada and the Courts to proceed with more discussion and eventually a similar system as the other governments that already have agreements with GSK. The other groups that MUST be included in the final decision are the VICTIMS of the flu shot and other vaccines, as well as foundations like GBS-CIDP Foundation and other charities or groups active in the ‘not for profit’ rehabilitation of the victims.

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