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Peter Hotez apologizes for his position on vaccines

December 7, 2017

and Canada has NO vaccine Compensation when injured Bob Martin GBS Survivor

Apologist Apologies

Imagine a cold, rainy day in the future. Peter Hotez calls a press conference. He walks out, stands there, pale and grim, and apologizes for everything he has ever said and done with regard to vaccines. The next day there are headlines in The New York Times, The Washington Post, TIME, Forbes, and countless other major news sources labeling him a quack and a threat to the health of the nation. Calls immediately go out for Dr. Hotez to retract and repent. He becomes a pariah. But you can start to see a hint of the Sun behind the clouds and the day has gotten a little warmer.

I am here to say I am sorry. I was wrong. Terribly terribly wrong. Vaccines are not safe and effective, as I have long argued. We must stop. Now. The sooner my fellow doctors awaken from this calamity and see the light…

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  1. carol permalink

    Now that is a statement.. wow.. that hopefully will open even more discussion.

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