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Vaccines gone bad

April 24, 2017

This petition is now closed. You can still make a difference in the Care2 community by signing other petitions today..
author: Bob Martin
target: Petition the Canadian Federal Government and Parliament
signatures: 511
we’ve got 511signatures, help us get to 1,000

overview petition Update #5 1 days ago▾
Please tell all you know to visit the vote site and vote NOW for all US Canadians to be treated equal as Quebec has treated the citizens creating a compensation program for vaccine injured all Canada needs the same fair and just treatment Bob Martin GBS Survivor. We will NOT have the same no-fault as the USA it will be much better Bob Martin.
Update #4 9 months ago▾
We need more votes tell 5 freinds and ask them to tell 5 it will give us the numbers Bob VOTE Please
Update #3 about a year ago▾
Please sign the main petition with the highest number of VOTES e-mail all those you know will HELP with our Canadian Cause thanks to all who have signed Bob Martin
Update #2 about a year ago▾
I have contacted a lot of media people ,politicians and others no one wants to take this on I have and will continue until it is LAW and retroactive at least to 2009 get all your friends and others to sign, Please, Bob Martin
Update #1 about a year ago▾
. Nothing will CHANGE without your HELP. Thank you for your support see Bob’s Story. Nothing will CHANGE without your HELP. Thank you for your support Bob Martin
About This Petition
Canada and Russia are the only 2 of the G20 that DO NOT have a proper,fair,just and legal compensation program to compensate ALL canadians that are injured as a result of having had a Vaccine not just the flu ,the H1N1 or any vaccine must be COMPENSATED Bob Martin read Bob’s Story.

Please read bob’s story at i spent 8mths in the hospital and 4mths as a quadrepalegic with Guillain Barre. We need to petition our Federal Government to create a vaccine compensation program and it must be retoactive to 2009 when the H1N1 vaccine created so much suffering and pain to a lot of Canadians a lot more than reported Bob Martin

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Lynda Doyle, ON8 days agosend# 511Lucia Asara, Italy10 days agosend# 510Lori Brunner, AB12 days agosend# 509Name not displayed, ON14 days ago
I had an autoimmune response a few years ago and am still receiving treatment for it.
# 508Ronald Yeoh, Malaysia15 days agosend# 507Anna nichol, ON15 days agosend# 506Jayda Schultz, SK16 days agosend# 505Arizona Cortez, OHabout a month agosend# 504E Pick, New Zealandabout a month agosend# 503Gail Courtney, United Kingdomabout a month agosend# 502Kathryn Irby, MS2 months agosend# 501Name not displayed, BC2 months ago
Vaccines are pushed hard on Canadians. Those who have adverse reactions are left in the lurch. The federal government should join the rest of the world and put a stop to this. Bob was one of the unlucky victims. I signed his petition.
# 500Cameron G., MA2 months agosend# 499MIGUEL ÁNGEL FLORES GARCÍA, Spain2 months agosend# 498amanda stevens, ON2 months agosend# 497Name not displayed, SW2 months ago# 496Christine Tinker, ON2 months ago
Canadians need to be reassured they have adequate compensation should they be injured by ‘unavoidably unsafe’ vaccines with known side effects (ie: all vaccines) No vaccine should be compulsory if proper compensation programs are not in place.
send# 495Christine Groulx, ON2 months agosend# 494Name not displayed, ON2 months ago# 493Jim McDermott, BC3 months agosend# 492Janice Cork, AB3 months agosend# 491Maria S., NJ4 months agosend# 490Harriet finner, ON4 months ago
with a few exceptions, Connie’s story is mine. BTW what exactly does ‘no fault’ mean? Does Canada have the same law passed in the US, where you can’t sue the Pharm company or doctor for people or children suffering from severe vaccine injury ( in my case flu).
send# 489shannon hawkey, AB4 months ago
I would prefer that it not be “no fault” It is someone’s fault!
send# 488Name not displayed, BC5 months ago
I get a flu shot every year. Now I am not so sure. I had no idea how much damage it could cause. I will still get a flu shot, but this is a safeguard that is needed.
# 487Name not displayed, PA5 months ago# 486Randy Graczyk, BC5 months agosend# 485Terry Mooney, BC5 months agosend# 484Nade Sokolskiy, NH5 months agosend# 483Name not displayed, Ireland5 months ago# 482Derek Fraser, BC5 months agosend# 481Jon Yuhasz, SC5 months agosend# 480Amanda Cooley, SK5 months agosend# 479Chellan Clark, BC5 months agosend# 478Wendy Murray, ON5 months agosend# 477Lourie Pearlman, AR5 months agosend# 476Bev Van Hatten, BC5 months agosend# 475Shawn creighton, ON5 months agosend# 474Carole Maillet, NB6 months agosend# 473Gloria Lawrenson, ON6 months agosend# 472Name not displayed, ON6 months ago# 471violet pike, NL6 months agosend# 470Chloe Shackelton, ON6 months agosend# 469Linda Marek, ON6 months ago
If the government is going to spend millions of our tax dollars on vaccines, they should be prepared to spend millions more to compensate those who are damaged by them.
send# 468Christine Leigh, ON6 months agosend# 467Jesenia Lo, CA6 months agosend# 466Sarah Taylor, ON6 months agosend# 465mike minogue, ON6 months agosend# 464Christina Lavoie, BC6 months agosend# 463Debbie Bauer, ON6 months agosend# 462Derek farmer, ON6 months agosend# 461Marsha Matthews, NL6 months agosend# 460Name not displayed, ON6 months ago
There’s ample proof vaccines cause injury. This is a case of do you “believe what you see, or see what you believe”
# 459Debora Scatena-Hubbard, NL6 months agosend# 458barb k, ON6 months agosend# 457Julie Komorowski, ON6 months agosend# 456Agatha Farmer, ON6 months agosend# 455Shirley Hinch, BC6 months agosend# 454Name not displayed, AB6 months ago# 453Piri darabont, ON6 months agosend# 452Taylor colebeck, ON6 months agosend# 451Lisa Milliken Orr, United Kingdom6 months agosend# 450Leona Thom, BC6 months ago
Because it has affected me most of my life.
send# 449Natalie Hayes, AL6 months agosend# 448tina allain, ON6 months agosend# 447Heather Deane-Clark, BC6 months ago
This issue needs immediate attention!
send# 446Bethany Keeney, PA6 months agosend# 445Christa Lomax, AB6 months agosend# 444Harvey Holloway, BC6 months ago
How much money can be a llosed to be bilked from the public purse for drugs that do no good or out right harm.At what point are you all murderers.
send# 443Regina Keehfuss, NJ6 months agosend# 442cynthia Esparza, TX6 months agosend# 441meg carr, TX6 months agosend# 440Linda Meadows, BC6 months ago
This is far overdue. Vaccines are a pharmaceutical and thus have known side-effects. Children and adults injured by vaccines deserve to be properly cared for and recognized.
send# 439Miche’le Bussard, MO6 months agosend# 438kim clarke, ON6 months agosend# 437Laura mcculligh, ON6 months agosend# 436Coreen Van Es, ON6 months agosend# 435michelle ganuelas, SK6 months agosend# 434beverley beasant, BC6 months agosend# 433Rachel Lair, ON6 months agosend# 432Julie Mounts, TX6 months agosend# 431Jenn R, ON6 months ago
Canadian SHOULD be compensated when injured by vaccines!
send# 430Debbie Jamieson, ON6 months agosend# 429priscilla brierton, TX6 months agosend# 428Name not displayed, BC6 months ago
I don’t want anyone to realize again that they have no justice when their child is vaccine injured in Canada. I was so shocked when this happened to us after my child was vaccine injured. Not in our Canada!
# 427Wendy Curry, NE6 months agosend# 426Shannon Rempel, ON6 months ago
We MUST be able to defend ourselves!!!!
send# 425Jacqueline Wong, CA6 months agosend# 424Wade Friesen, NT6 months agosend# 423Jennifer Harris, MD6 months agosend# 422Deana Latta, ON6 months ago
This is important to me, having two vaccine injured children. Our voices must be heard & people need to understand that vaccine injuries are very real! Even better would be that we are able to be compensated from the pharmaceutical companies, but we all KNOW that’s never going to happen. Better than nothing.. 😦
send# 421Eva Kryzanowski, AB6 months agosend# 420Jacquie Ducharme, ON6 months agosend# 419Jennifer Bayani, ON6 months agosend# 418Andrea Johnson, IL6 months agosend# 417Bat-Ami Hensen, BC6 months agosend# 416Carol Armstrong, BC6 months agosend# 415Ryan Pulsifer, NS6 months ago
I got GBS from a flu shot on my 18th birthday, 7 years ago. It was horrible and definitely set me back during an important time in my life. I was never warned of the risk associated with the flu shot.
send# 414Name not displayed, NS6 months ago
I support this petition on the grounds that we are being asked by our government to sacrifice ourselves for the common good, for herd immunity. It is time the society recognized that sacrifice and gave back to those who lost their health and income due to a vaccine injury.
# 413Name not displayed, BC6 months ago
Best wishes Bob Martin!
# 412Mildre Gopar, ON6 months agosend# 411amanda cavanaugh, NB6 months agosend# 410Charles Hilton, BC6 months ago
Each person is an individual and so is each person’s immune system being given, administered a vaccination for the mass population and it only common sense each individual will react the same to a given vaccine thus should be compensated if anything goes wrong with their health because of a vaccine being administered especially by a government program.
send# 409Julie Prince, ON6 months agosend# 408Richard Morrow, BC6 months agosend# 407Denis Farling, BC6 months agosend# 406Name not displayed, BC6 months ago# 405Silvana mcgill, AB6 months agosend# 404Name not displayed, AB6 months ago
Yes, vaccines cause harm and families affected by them should have the right to have their voices heard.
# 403kristy mitxhem, NE6 months agosend# 402Trina Ricketts, BC6 months agosend# 401Nancy Salgueiro, ON6 months agosend# 400Echo Mitchell, AB6 months agosend# 399Shelley West, GA6 months agosend# 398Mark Debolt, AB6 months agosend# 397Marge Tomkins-Debolt, AB6 months ago
This needs to be retroactive to the early 1980’s at least!
send# 396Krista Enderud, BC7 months ago
I strongly support this. I would be happy to have something like this in place for those who need support.
send# 395Carrie Hoogsteen, ON7 months agosend# 394Ali Leclair, BC8 months agosend# 393Jim Chandler, BC8 months ago
Vaccines are portrayed as safe, and necessary to protect both the person and others around them that might otherwise contract disease. So, it’s only fair that the low percentage of the population that suffers horribly from negative reactions, to either the vaccine or the hastening agents added to vaccine, be compensated fairly and ongoing until their condition is rectified – if ever.
send# 392Diane Heggart, ON8 months ago
Like many others my life has never been the same since vaccination of H1N1 in November of 2009. It seems to be one problem after the other that so many specialists don’t know anything about. This was unfair and the hyp that the government led was unreasonable.
send# 391Chris Rudd, United Kingdom8 months agosend# 390Gail Ellis, AB8 months agosend# 389kristy gaunt, BC8 months agosend# 388Deirdre Williamson, BC9 months agosend# 387Brenden Joseph, BC9 months agosend# 386justice wolf, NB9 months ago
i got gbd from the h1n1
send# 385K Mulligan, BC9 months agosend# 384Sara Harvey, NY9 months agosend# 383Lisa Yates, BC10 months ago
I think this is a great idea as I worked with a lady who’s daughter has suffered SEVERLY with this Vaccination
send# 382Name not displayed, BC10 months ago# 381Marlene Goley, BC10 months agosend# 380Marilyn Clarke, BC10 months agosend# 379Hamish Thoms, BC10 months agosend# 378Noreen Connor, BC10 months agosend# 377Kathleen Craigie, BC10 months agosend# 376miramar soledad, BC10 months agosend# 375Jody Ens, SK10 months ago
My wife’s health and our life has never been the same since she received the H1N1 flu shot 5 years ago. She was 30 at the time and felt quite pressured to get it. She became immediately ill (that night), wasn’t able to work for 1 year, and now can only work very reduced hours and every day is a struggle. It was determined she contracted Epstein Barr Virus, but the vaccination was obviously what attacked her immune system letting this virus take over her body. It has on so many levels ruined our lives and I find it appalling that Canada does not have a Vaccine Injury Compensation program.
send# 374karen moffit, BC11 months ago
This has got to stop , I saw first the damage to a friend and a uncle told me that that flu shot was killing him and he died ,he believe it started the day he got that shot..
send# 373Annette Rosewich, BC11 months agosend# 372Esra Yildirim, ON11 months agosend# 371Silvia Rice-Jones, BC11 months agosend# 370DAVE ALLAN, BC12 months agosend# 369james butler, ON12 months agosend# 368SUE ALLAN, BC12 months ago
I have seen how devastating the reaction to a vaccine can be through Bob Martin and younger children. There needs to be some compensation for the families.
send# 367Kim Thomas, ON12 months agosend# 366sujeewa kulatilake, ON12 months agosend# 365Anja Schulte-Derne, Germany12 months agosend# 364Jane Haracka, BC12 months ago
Parents need to be able to discriminate what shots their children are given. This right has been eliminated with the bundling of vaccines.
send# 363Name not displayed, ON12 months ago
I was healthy. I had the flu shot. I live with chronic pain. It is more than 14 years now. I walk with a cane. For years my daughter asked: “When is my old Mummy coming back?” The one that went to work in a suit and high heel and carried a briefcase. Well, she is not. Yet, I’m fortunate that I have the love and support of my family, but it is not easy, I hate what this has done to our family and to other families like mine. Please help — one person is injured but the whole family hurts.
# 362Vicki Burbank, ON12 months agosend# 361michael morrish, ON12 months agosend# 360Martin Johnson, ON12 months agosend# 359Fran thornitt, AB12 months ago
Most of the people this happens to will never be able to work again. They deserve compensation. I date back to 2000. Not 2009!!
send# 358Susan Yurychuk, BCabout a year agosend# 357Name not displayed, BCabout a year ago
I received the H1N1 Flu shot & am thankfully still healthy.
# 356Sally Coates, BCabout a year agosend# 355Janis Hoffmann, BCabout a year agosend# 354Karen Weiss, BCabout a year agosend# 353Gayla Baranieski, BCabout a year agosend# 352carly stevens, United Kingdomabout a year agosend# 351Michela m., Italyabout a year agosend# 350Elena Jimenez, TXabout a year agosend# 349Robin Karlsson, Swedenabout a year agosend# 348Yana Abrosimova, Russian Federationabout a year agosend# 347Keri Norrie, BCabout a year agosend# 346Michele Clarke, SKabout a year agosend# 345Janet Menard, ABabout a year agosend# 344Shawna Denning, ABabout a year agosend# 343Name not displayed, BCabout a year ago# 342suzanne berube, ABabout a year agosend# 341Marlaine Dupre, ABabout a year agosend# 340Anna Cott, ABabout a year agosend# 339Sandy Murray, ABabout a year agosend# 338Stacy Bosko, ABabout a year agosend# 337Ken Medwid, MBabout a year agosend# 336Caroline Allain, BCabout a year agosend# 334Bill Maconachie, BCabout a year agosend# 333B Anderson, BCabout a year agosend# 332Sibohan Bryce, BCabout a year agosend# 331Name not displayed, BCabout a year ago# 330Chris Balmer, BCabout a year agosend# 329Karen giffon, BCabout a year agosend# 328Sharon Moulson, BCabout a year ago
I personally know of two individuals who have been affected with GBS after having a flu shot and now am aware of many, many others. It is frightening and it is making me reconsider ever having another flu shot myself. There should be compensation for those who have been affected and have had their lives altered forever.
send# 327Pauline Chan, ABabout a year agosend# 326Darlene Buckingham, ONabout a year agosend# 325Bonny McKay, MBabout a year ago
I watched my friend Constance go from a perfectly healthy, actively involved in her community and working continually on her art, music and gardening, plus full time caregiver to her ailing mom. Following her 2011 flu shot she suffered from severe fatigue, couldn’t walk as her quad muscles became paralyzed. Connie is unable to work, unable to function and do the things she used to love doing. She is no longer able to work or support herself and is using up her savings just to exist. Her quality of life is gone and she suffers daily, limiting her daily life in every way. It is sad to see my friend unable to function. A compensation package should be in place for those who suffer adverse reactions and get no help, and no support.
send# 324Name not displayed, BCabout a year ago
It is essential that this coverage be provided to Canadians.
# 323Name not displayed, BCabout a year ago
This could happen to anyone.
# 322Sue Leather, BCabout a year agosend# 321Jennifer Burgmann, BCabout a year ago
In 2008 I was encouraged by my family doctor to take the combination shot for the regular flu and the H1N1. Three weeks later, I was in a drug-induced coma fighting for my life against Bickerstaff Brainstem Encephilitis, an extremely rare varient of GBS. I’ve been struggling to recover ever since, confined to a wheelchair and wracked with daily pain.
send# 320Lynna Pereira, ABabout a year ago
My sister inlaw just about died from getting the shot . So sick with the shot that she was told she had to take because she works in the health system.
send# 319Bharat Pattni, United Kingdomabout a year ago
I had GBS in 2006/07 and lost a year of my life, in hospital (9 months) and gradual recovery thereafter. The symptoms are not known by all Medical Practitioners but specialists are fully aware of the causes. My Neuro-Science Medical Consultant diagnosed my condition by asking simple questions about events in the previous few days and on the mention of a flu vaccination, immediately recognised it as GBS. There should be some no-fault compensation based on cause and effect.
send# 318Lorraine Young, ONabout a year ago
I suffered from this syndrome in 2012. Big surprise when it happened a 2nd time this year at the beginning of April. I’m still not able to walk without my walker.
send# 317Edward Langevin, ABabout a year agosend# 315DELBERT WEARE, NSabout a year ago
send# 314


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