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A Tiny Birthday *31 is the new 21*

March 19, 2015

happy 21 or 31 or 71….101 to all those in between or older Bob Martin and please read my story Bob. bob martin help me get my message out ,please see Focus Magazine Feb, issue p.16,17 and share with all as this is for Canadians. I need to have help in getting some one in CBC to listen and report our stories, no is willing to assist us, the injured from vaccines, and you can read many sad stories on my site Care2petion site .com it is listed in Focus Magazine story Authored by Alan Cassels pharma…researcher, here in Victoria Bob Martin GBS Survivor. If you like you can also read Bob’s Story. Many thanks for reading and sharing this.
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Tee's Tiny Blog


~Today is just my tiny 31st birthday~

I can’t believe I’m 31 today!

Inside I’m still a kid who just wants to play 🙂

I still feel young and my years have been fun

Who cares about age? 31 is the new 21 😉

Through the years I have been so fortunate.
I’ve traveled, I’ve experienced and I’ve loved.
I’ve also been loved more than I could ever imagine.
I can honestly say I am a very lucky girl.
I have lived through the early ages of technology.
I was born into an era of Walkman’s, VCR’s, pagers and this wonderful thing we all rely on today:
the internet.

When I was a baby there were no video cameras around so I don’t have any video footage of my childhood years. My first photos were surrounded by floral prints and ugly wallpaper. Those photos are now aged and faded, but…

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