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When did high tech science get grafted into the Vaccine Voodoo?

January 10, 2015

Biomedical ecology and other sciences

OK, here’s another conceptual difficulty with generic  Jennerism. When did a country quack’s diabolic corporeal carving and inpasting of putrefied puss stop being the clear and imminent danger to public health and morph into what is now a hi-tec  generated impenetrable fog of mystic screedings, disguising the fact that they are still carrying out exactly the same process?

No, what I really mean is that if Dr Jenner were to appear today and even suggest any of the practices he carried out he would be brought before the Star Chamber of the General Medical Corporation and be subject to the very worst of their incantations before being burned at their professional stake. His career would undoubtedly be at an end, his reputation in tatters and he would lose all his friends and ex-colleagues. Probably he’d head off to America but, hey, that’s another story!

Somehow, in the interim two hundred…

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