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“So, it’s like a great big conspiracy, is it?”

January 10, 2015

Biomedical ecology and other sciences


“All those people, all over the World, in so many locations and disciplines all plotting together to make sure that vaccines are still used and that reports of negative outcomes are ignored?”


“Come on, I cant buy that, the NHS, all those professionals, they wouldn’t allow this to happen. They want the best for their patients, for their public”.


How do you bring on board those who have no direct involvement – or realisation of involvement – and who have always lived assuming you need vaccines to keep you safe? Does it matter to these people? Need one open their eyes?

Because we are straight back deep into “Conspiracy Theory” and the murky areas such discussions delve into.

Shall I perform a CT scan? Meep, meep, zip, zap, zoodle. OK, scan done and I have to report the good news that utterly nothing showed up. That’s right…

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