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Vote at Care2petitionsitebobmartin no-fault) for ALL Canadians Bob Martin GBS survivor

August 16, 2014

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  1. If I was Canadian, you would have my vote. Good luck Bob.

  2. thank u Bob

  3. Debra permalink

    Best of luck in your petition. We have been going through the US Vaccine courts with my mother in laws flu shot/GBS case for the last 2 years. It is a lengthy process that requires a lawyer (even though they act like it does not). There are firms in the US that specialize in vaccine injury and have been incredibly helpful. They are paid a set amount out of a separate fund. We have been compensated as of this week but they compensation came with a disclaimer that we had to sign saying that the flu shot was not responsible. Thus the statistics on the shot insert stay the same. hard to sign a paper like that but long term care is expensive so they have you over a barrel.

  4. see good info re glaxosmithkline dirty tricks re vaccine damage to

  5. this is a wee video i made to give a bit of my Bob’s Story on Bob Martin

  6. tried to vote, but the link doesn’t function. Good idea though.

  7. chickenunderwear permalink

    Greetings. I included your blog and or video in my website. It’s a list of first-person accounts of people who are battling GPS and its variants.

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