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December 24, 2010

Hello and thank you for checking to see how Bob is doing. The details of what happened to Bob are under ‘Bob’s Story‘.  For an update on Bob’s condition click here.

Due to an increasing interest from everyone, Ann/Leslie (wife/daughter) decided to create this webpage to post updates. I know many of you have been inspired by Bob and built engaging connections/friendships with him. If you would like to share an experience or encouraging, inspiring or humorous words please feel free to post the comments in the ‘Guest Book’ or email me at .

I would love to share your words with my dad during this challenging time and support him through to recovery. Thank You.

Note:  Thank you for your interest to visit Bob, but please, no visitors at this time except immediate family.

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  1. Alastair Urquhart permalink

    Really sorry to hear about your health problem, Bob. You’ll know me as the Scottish guy who fed Gordie in the Winter. We’ve played lots of rounds together at Cordova Bay. Mort is in Arizona at present but I’ve let him know where you are. I know he’ll join me in passing best wishes to you, your family and all the medical staff who are caring for you. Your presence is greatly missed on the Course and we all of us look forward to having you back amongst us again.

  2. Lorraine Urquhart permalink

    Hello Bobbie:

    The new year is coming and you probably will remember (ha) that it’s going to be my birthday at the end of January. I hope you realize you have to be there at my coffee party for your “free” cup.

    Really miss you at Henderson and hope you get well soon.

    love, Lorraine (and Glen, too)

  3. Mark Filipovic permalink

    Hello. I have known Leslie for quite some time. Lets just say school wasnt out yet. I had many parties and she continually showed up. Big parties, I have pictures. I had never known where Leslie grew up until recently. I let myself in your locked up house and played with some wiring devices while you were on holidays. When you returned, the light switches all worked and you changed the lock on your house. When I had finally met you, Leslie was living in the home she lives in now. You arried at Leslie’s front door looking pretty dapper. You had just finished a round of golf, full of energy, presenting yourself as young, excited and loving life. A few weeks later I met your wife. Wow! Whatever you two were doing, it was working. I see where Leslie gets it from. Lets hope it rubs off on Ryan. (haha – I lived with Ryan – with a poke here and there)
    Seriously, if there is someone I know that can pull and push themselves through this, mentally and physically, its you and your family.
    Knowing that I have to remind you that I have some more work to do at your home and I look forward to having you answer your door and let me in.
    May 2011 bring good things. Happy New Years

  4. Diane Hepper permalink

    Hello Bob,
    Dave has already emailed your daughter, and of course I along with the other members of Lia’s circuit class have been following your progress.
    We all miss your banter before our class.
    I personaly have known two people who have had Guillain-Barre Syndrome, one was on Lasqueti Island and the other in England. This was a few years ago and both are fully recovered.
    Wishing you a speedy recovery and looking forward to seeing you back in the gym.
    Diane Hepper [the londoner you speak to before Lia’s class]
    Ps: Dave and I are off on our travels on Jan 7th to Auckland, Cook and Society Islands. We will let you know how it goes.
    Keep the progress comming Diane and Dave Hepper

  5. Lesley Ewing permalink

    Hi Bob. Everyone is hoping for your speedy recovery so we can enjoy that dry wit once again at Henderson! Meanwhile, without your expert advice, my rowing technique is getting worse.

    Cheers from Lesley and Dave

  6. John Crone permalink

    Hi Bob

    you may remember me as a long time attendee at HFC. I am the tall ungainly Irishman who used to enjoy trading tall tales with you, of our golf exploits. Unfortunately my tall tales were less credible than yours !!

    I am just writing to wish you further success in your recovery. Like all of us at Henderson we are inspired by your fighting attitude in dealing with this challenge.

    You are greatly missed at Henderson and every bulletin issued by your dear wife and daughter are read avidly, particularly when we hear that you still have your great sense of humour! I’m sure you lighten the days for the nursing staff who undoubtedly are as impressed with your spirit as we all are.

    Everyone sends their love and best wishes.

    John Crone

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